• Snacks

    Sardines La Gondola 115,-

    Grilled with sourdough bread and lemon.

    Stracciatella Di Burrata 115,-

    With grilled sourdough bread.

    Bread and butter 35,-

  • Lunch 12-15

    Crab salad 158,-

    with red onions, fresh dill, tomatoes and cucumber. Served with bread.

    Chicken salad 158,-

    With watercress and bacon. Served with bread.

    Spicy tuna 158,-

    With tomatoes and cucumber. Served with bread.

  • Starters 12-21

    Salmon rilette 170,-

    Hot smoked salmon mixed with fresh dill and chives.

    Fish soup ala provence 170,-

    Made on homemade broth, pernod, parsley and white wine.

    Shrimp cocktail 125,-

    With salad, tomatoes, dill, lemon, and homemade sea food dressing.

    Carpaccio 148,-

    With salad, parmesan, lemon and balsamicco.

    Vitello tonnato 148,-

    Thin sliced veal with homemade tunasauce.

  • Dinner 18-21

    Beef medallion 360,-

    220 g argentinian beef filet with seasonal garnish and our homemade pepper sauce

    Today’s fish 215,-

    With seasonal garnish and our homemade white wine sauce.

    Seafood 880,-

    With our fish soup a'la Provence, half a lobster, grilled lobster, crab claws, shrimp cocktail, oysters, white wine-steamed mussels, seasonal fish. Served with the house's homemade seafood dressing and bread and butter. Must be ordered minimum of 2.

    Lam ragout 210,-

    Pork jowls 210,-